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Run 'n' Fun Dog Park


Has your dog had a bad experience at a public dog park? Does your dog’s behaviour around other dogs concern you?

Do you wish you could spend quality time alone with your dog in a big, safe space? Does your dog love to run for the joy of running?

Run 'n' Fun Dog Park is the answer to your dog’s freedom!  


Your pup can run, explore, sniff, climb, and even swim in our fully-fenced over three-acre enclosure. It’s a dream come true for dogs and their owners.

This area gives you the peace of mind that public parks can't. You and your dog can have a place to run, play, and swim all to yourselves. Doggie play dates are also encouraged! In the dog park, there are no surprise encounters with unknown dogs, so you can rest assured you and your dog will be safe. When booking with a friend, please add their name to the registration.

We provide poop bags throughout the park, garbage cans,  obstacles to test your pup's sense of adventure, a few toys, and shelter for the humans. Fences are 6 to 8 feet high for optimum security. Dogs of any breed, size, or personality are welcome.


Each dog must be current on their vaccinations. Bordetella is optional. Proof of vaccination before your first

visit must be e-mailed to us.

  • Please stop and read the Waiver posted at the gate.  If you understand the information,

including the risks, and waive and release all claims you are welcome to enter and use

DogLandia's Dog Park. 


We live and work here, so please treat our home with respect. When you arrive, proceed slowly through our

yard to the dog park to the south behind the buildings. Please drive past the shop, not our house.  

One of the reasons people choose private parks is that they are cleaner. You MUST pick up after your dog. 

If you see a mess someone missed (whether dog mess or a stray coffee cup), please dispose of it in the provided

garbage cans.  Let us know if you find the condition of the park concerning.  We monitor it and can easily trace who's not paying attention to their doggy doo duty when using the park.  

  1. All visits are by appointment only: no drop-ins. Please reserve your time online at the bottom of this page or via your member page.

  2. Dogs and children MUST be supervised by someone over the age of 18 years. Do not leave children unattended in the dog park. 

  3. Toys such as frisbees and balls are allowed in the park; please take care to keep them inside the fence.

  4. Please be careful with dog treats or your snacks. Dropped food could be a problem for the next visitor's allergies

  5. We are NOT responsible for lost items such as dog toys and personal belongings. If you find an item, please place in the blue bin in the shelter. Send us an email if you left something behind and would like it set aside until your next visit.

  6. For health reasons, it’s best if you bring your own water dish for your pup. Water is available during warm weather only.

  7. Areas outside of the fenced-in park are NOT an off-leash area. Your dog must be on leash going to and from your vehicle.

  8. Be mindful of your scheduled time. Returning to your vehicle promptly at the end of your reserved time ensures a relaxed arrival for the next visitor. Remember that some dogs come to play here because they do not like meeting other dogs. Do not enter the park if it is occupied by someone. There are 15 minutes between appointments for the safety and comfort of the dogs. 

  9. Always latch the gates when you arrive and leave.

  10. Keep your dog at home if they have a cough, diarrhea, worms, fleas, or signs of illness.

  11. The shelter is provided for your comfort. Sorry, no dogs are allowed inside.


Last, but not least,  put your phone away and have fun with your dog

Rescheduling policy

There is no refund for cancelled reservations. Please reschedule your visit for a time that works best for you! You can do this using your online bookings account with us. Whenever possible, rescheduling should be done a minimum of 12 hours prior to your original booking. This gives others the opportunity to fill the  vacant spot in a timely manner.  Thank you for understanding. 


NEW for 2023

Our loyalty program provides for ONE FREE VISIT after 10 paid visits.

You will be notified with an email when you are eligible to use the

FREEVISIT code for your next adventure in our Fun and Run Dog Park. Unfortunately the code isn't working, so please email me and I will set up your free visit manually. Please let me know when you would like to come.  We very much appreciate that you are enjoying the park.  

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