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Meet Our Dogs

German Shepherds have been a part of our lives for decades. There's a reason why we breed them--we love their personalities and love for their families! If you're looking to add a Northernbear pup to your life, you will find their prospective parents on this page.

We have purchased outstanding dogs from top kennels in Canada and the Czech Republic. We select for temperament, health, and to provide family-friendly pets. Our pups may be suitable for activities such as SAR, IPO, protection and recreational sports such as nose work,

rally-o, and agility.

jack and shelby.PNG

Our males

Silvermist's Jaxon--Retired

Jaxon is our second male from Silvermist.


We chose him for his laid back, easy-going manner. His beautiful red colour creates gorgeous pigment in  both the dark sable and the traditional black/red pups. All of our dogs are structurally correct working-line dogs.

Pedigree available upon request.


Northernbear's Apollo 

Sadly, Apollo disappeared with out a trace in April of 2021.  We haven't given up hope that he will one day, by some miracle, be back home. 

Apollo's long, thick coat and sable colours make for unusual and stunning features. 


Apollo's solid structure is evident by his large head and massive paws.  He is 100% Czech line. 



Powerful Northernbear's Thor

Thick and strong are words used to describe Thor.  His dark color comes from his grandmother and the red highlights are a trait from his grandfather, Jaxon. It took some long range planning to ensure that this genetic combination would come back home to Northernbear where it all began. 

Thor 1.jpg

Mentos ze Skalnego Wzgorza

This handsome, richly pigmented black and red boy joined Northernbear from Poland. We call him Hawk. He and Nova produced a beautiful litter of exceptionally stable puppies
in the summer of 2022.  Hawk, while not titled, was ready
for his BH when we purchased him in the fall of 2021.
He has an impressive pedigree.  His sire is the
accomplished and much sought after Willy vom Kuckucksland.



Hawk 2.jpg

Our females

Penhall's Sincere Shelby--RETIRED

Shelby is a beautiful red and black female we've had in our family since she was 10 months old. Her sweet, gentle-mannered temperament makes for wonderful, easy to train and live with family pets.



Penhall's Northernbear Nova --RETIRED

Penhall Kennels offered Nova to us because she was "just too great to sell to a pet home and spay." We agree! She is happy-go-lucky and the party girl around here. She and Jaxon produce pups with exceptional colour and are suitable for families.

Pedigree available upon request.

Nova pups.jpg

Northernbear's Rising Star Vega

Vega is Apollo's sister. Both she and Apollo were born at Northernbear Kennels just two weeks after their dam arrived from the Czech Republic. The black sable with a long coat is unique and not easily located. Vega is stable and protective. Her pups are ideal for families looking for an active, but stable pet..



Hessy Gymor--Deceased  Spring 2022

Hessy, aka Jesse, has a wonderful Pedigree, and when matched with Apollo, many of their pups demonstrate a sound working ability. Pups from Jesse X Apollo go to carefully selected homes and families because they need jobs to do and roles to fulfill to stay balanced. 



Northernbear's Chinook Wind

Chinook is the girl who is continuing the legacy begun by Jaxon and Shelby. Her rich pigment and her structurally sound working line form produces solid pups with confident temperaments.  We are proud that this "home grown" beauty's hips OFA scored as excellent.  


Hilly vom Osterberger-land

We were privileged to be chosen by Loyalist German Shepherds to purchase the beautiful Hilly.  Hilly is joining our breeding program and we can't wait to see what she and Hawk produce.  Hilly, originally imported from Germany, is easy going, friendly and has an impressive  pedigree.



For available or upcoming puppies, please go to our Puppies and Planned Litters page.

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